Radio Network Planning.

We have well trained resources to use standard tools for design, planning and testing the networks to ensure that the network design meets the network performance objectives of the customer.

RF survey

RF site survey is carried out in the following steps

  • RF survey as par details provide from the customer. In case of new surveys where details are not provided, we will survey the whole place and provide a data for suitable site location
  • Survey the site for RF suitability
  • Record Latitude and Longitude, building height and other necessary information.
  • Calculate and provide required GSM Antenna heights and orientation, also the proposed tower and pole location (s) will be marked on a rough sketch.
  • Take site photographs (panorama view)
  • Note down physical addresses of site and site owner / manager contact details.
  • Complete the Site Survey evaluation report

LOS Survey

The purpose of LOS survey is to have MW connectivity between the two sites to ascertain the Line of Site clearance. The LOS survey is carried out physically checking the terrain between the hop and selecting the sites for acquisition.

LOS survey is carried out in the following steps

  • Collecting details of proposed site and those of the nearest locations to which customer proposes the LOS connectivity & Verification.
  • Record latitude, longitude, building data, obstruction data and surrounding terrain data on the LOS Survey template.
  • Generate LOS Path Profile for the proposed Link.
  • Generate LOS report for the proposed Link.

Drive test and N/W optimization

Drive Test is carried out for checking coverage criteria of a cell site with RF drive test tool. The data collected by drive test tool is analyzed to evaluate various RF parameters of the network.

  • Drive Route and Site Data for the sites to have drive test is taken from customer.
  • Drive Test LOG File of the specified Drive Route / Site is saved and the same will be handed over to customer at the end of the day.
  • Minimize the call drop and RF interference in the network.
  • Increase the indoor & outdoor coverage and better speech quality.

Network Audit work scope

  • Obtain the data of the existing network from the customer.
  • Verify the data obtained with the data on field.
  • Note the deviations if any and inform the customer through report.
  • Perform possible course of action and Network modifications, if any.
  • Compilation and update of Network data for Network expansion.