Government Tenders & Projects

We are registered “B” Class Electrical Contractors with Public Work Department (PWD), Indian Railway. We undertake turn key projects for all kind of electrical works i.e. (Erection of 66/33/11 KV Switchyards / Substations), Installation of Transformers up to 10000 KVA and above, SITC of DG Sets up to 3000 KVA, Street lighting, HT/LT distribution network, Internal Electrification for Power Plants, Dairy, Factory and Hospitals, maintenance of substations, maintenance of Infrastructure and Power plants including DGs, ACs, IPMS, Battery Bank etc.

Our Projects

  • O&M of 33 KVA Substations, Electrical Installation, HT, LT Panel Transformer
  • O&M of 400 Ton AC Plant
  • SITC of 500KVA DG set With Panel
  • SITC of 250KVA DG set With Panel
  • SITC of 1000 KVA Transformers
  • Maintenance of Sub Stations
  • Electrical & Civil Maintenance