We are one of the leading Distributor of F.G. Wilson Diesel Generator Sets ranging from 10 – 200 kVA for 2 states i.e. Rajasthan and Gujarat undertaking supply, installation, servicing pre-post warranty and maintenance of F.G. WILSON DG SETS.

FG Wilson
More than Just Power

FG Wilson generator sets are trusted to provide power in over 150 countries around the world providing essential power to critical applications such as hospitals, airports, data centres, telecommunication networks as well as residential properties and factories.

Founded in Belfast, United Kingdom in 1966, FG Wilson quickly grew to become the largest generator set manufacturer in Europe.

With manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States of America, Brazil, India and China, FG Wilson has the capacity to produce over 130,000 generator sets per annum. Their world leading reputation in power generation is not something they take for granted. With continuous investment in their facilities and production capabilities, combined with a search for engineering excellence, we truly believe we are best placed to deliver your power, when and where you need it.

Understanding Customer Needs

We understand the unique needs of customers around the world and ensure that you receive the right product to support your power requirements.

The product range designed exclusively for the Indian market is available from 10 – 200 kVA, and meets local legislative requirements for both emissions and noise levels. The FG Wilson Generators are designed to suit any application from back-up support to industries from small, medium & large; infrastructures, BFSI (Banks, Financial Services, Insurance), Real Estate, Residential & Commercial properties, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Institutions, Petrol Pumps, Airports, Construction sites or off-grid locations.

Even after installation, we will always be on hand for any ongoing support.

Superior Product Support

We provide a One-Stop-Shop for all your power needs. We provide the highest levels of support to each customer – before, during and after each power installation, no matter how complex.

From Product Training and Technical Support, to Maintenance and Service Support, through to supplying Genuine Parts, FG Wilson and VRPE (P) Ltd are there when you need them, whatever the conditions.

All FG Wilson generator sets are supported by the FG Wilson global warranty programme providing our customers with peace of mind.

Genuine Parts

Fast and easy access to FG Wilson Genuine Parts, as part of our after-sales service, is crucial to ensure you are never without power. With over 90% of serviceable parts stocked via VRPE (P) Ltd and FG Wilson’s Indian Distribution Centres, combined with state-of-the-art parts identification and ordering software, superior parts availability is guaranteed.

FG Wilson Genuine Parts are designed to complement the other components of your generator set, optimizing product performance, fuel efficiency and generator set life span – making your investment go further.

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